Revolutionizing Waste Collection, One Sweep at a Time!


Revolutionizing Waste Collection, One Sweep at a Time!

Amultifunctional automatic sweeping device that reduces physical strain for garbage collectors, serving as both a bin and a sweep for efficient trash collection in various environments.

Brushes adaptable for industrial waste removal in SweepBin.

Dual-function tech: a bin and more, all in one.

Easy collection and discharge of trash/garbage.

About Us

Welcome to SweepBin—pioneers in efficient waste management. Our innovative automatic sweeping device combines the functions of a bin and a sweep, providing a versatile solution for quick and easy trash collection. With adaptable features and a commitment to sustainability, SweepBin is your go-to for convenient and affordable waste disposal.

Product Description

Introducing SweepBin, a groundbreaking solution to simplify waste management. Crafted with ultra-light materials and innovative technology, SweepBin serves as both a bin and a sweeping device. Its adaptable brushes effortlessly handle various waste types, including industrial debris. The device's design enables easy collection and discharge of trash, making it an efficient and portable choice for urban, suburban, and rural spaces. With adjustable features and rechargeable batteries, SweepBin redefines convenience in waste disposal, offering a versatile and affordable solution for a cleaner environment.

Product Features

  • Handle features rechargeable batteries.
  • Adjustable brushes and bin capacity for varying trash volumes.
  • Unlimited sweeping capabilities, anywhere, anytime.
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SweepBin is a company to produce an automatic sweep for public spaces and buildings’ yard. SweepBin company wants to sell this product to street sweeper or street cleaner person, and home owners who want to collect outdoor trash/garbage in any environmental conditions.

The most important problems in trash/ garbage collection is the physical pressure that the person collecting garbage suffers, because he/she requires continuous bending and also spends a lot of time during the day collecting trash/ garbage from The city level. And the tools in this job are just a pair of tongs that pick up the trash and throw it in the trash bag in his/her hand. The main purpose SweepBin product is to accelerate and facilitate the collection of trash/ garbage, especially dry and wet trash/ garbage in parks, streets, and home yards. It can also collect leaves of trees (without damaging green space) and work in different urban and rural spaces.

1. The technology that becomes both a bin and sweep at the same time.

2. In the handle of this device there are batteries that are rechargeable

3. Brushes and bin capacity of this device can be changed depending on the volume of trash

4. This device can sweep anything anywhere without any limitation.

5. This is light weight and portable.

our team

Salim Tahamtan

Salim Tahamtan

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Zahra Miriyan

Director of operation
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Farzaneh Vafadarnia

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